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Painting picture of a building, Kathy Schifano, artist buildings, architecture portraits, commission a house portrait

Architecture Portraits

These paintings are primarily commissions, I accept about 4 building portraits a year to work in the studio during winter and frigid or windy days. These are often gifts for special occasions-moving to a new home, retirement, significant birthdays. Every recipient has been thrilled by the creation of a significant family heirloom, I love hearing people describe their memories and important details of places they cherish.

On the French River
French River oil paint, Kath Schifano, Kathy Schifano, architecture painting
15x30 oil 2013

North of Toronto, this cabin is accessible by a 45 minute ride by boat. The customer supplied a selection of stunning photos showing a variety of angles and details in two seasons. It was a pleasure to paint the variety of textures, reflections and colors.

Wine on Third
Wine on Third, Niagara building, Kath Schifano, house picture paint, architecture portrait
11x14 oil 2013

Third Street in Niagara Falls has old time charm and a lot of history. This corner wine bar was a drug store for many years, as a wine bar, it has expanded into three storefronts with formal dining and a pizza restaurant added on. This was a plein air nocturne, the 3/4 moon arrived at midnight, just in time to finish the picture. 

Rivershore Colors
Niagara River house, house picture paint, architecture portrait
22X28 oil 2011

This home was a ranch and was rebuilt as an elegant home on the Niagara River.
Stately trees surround it with shade while the back has windows overlooking the bridge and river.

8th Avenue Stop
painting of brownstone, brooklyn painting, Kath Schifano, house picture paint, architecture portrait
12X24 oil on panel 2011

My original painting at this location was a smaller size and I was overwhelmed by the close quarters of a Brooklyn plein air,
the elegant architecture details and the perspective of a 4 story brownstone.
This studio work concentrated on the brilliant morning light of my photographs and memory of the first painting.

Whitesville House
WHitesville house, house picture paint, architecture portrait
18X24 oil 2011

Started as a plein air on the hottest day of the summer this majestic 1826 building dominates the little town of Whitesville, New York.
Read the story of its creation at

Memories of 16th Street
house picture paint, architecture portrait, Niagara Falls house, 16th street
13X12 pastel 2009

Pastel painting that combines an existing building with the way it looked in the 1950's. That's Aunt Bea on the upstairs porch.

View Into The 20th Century
20th century club, Buffalo building, house picture paint, architecture portrait
14X10 oil 2008

The 20th Century Club on Delaware Avenue in Buffalo includes a lovely garden. Sitting in their garden, looking up, an open window beckons.

Party's At 555 Pine
Lockport house picture, house picture paint, architecture portrait, Polechetti
24X36 oil 2009

Elegant Lockport cupola glows in the sunset.

Bevo and Bonzo's Texas Ranch
Brian Stephanie Smith, Houston house portrait, house picture paint, architecture portrait
14X18 oil 2009

A portrayal a lovely Houston home turned into a portrait of two charming dogs in the doorway, constantly aware of the artist!

Shirley said WHITE House
NJ house portrait, house picture paint, architecture portrait, Monica White, Mike White
11X14 oil 2009

It doesn't snow much in Central New Jersey, so this is a special painting of a former snowbelt resident's home, celebrating early morning light of an unusual snowstorm.

Beyond the Antiques
Ramsomville antiques, house picture paint, architecture portrait
16x20 oil

I went antique hunting with a friend & never made it indoors. This lovely flower covered old barn behind the parking lot kept me busy all day

Blossom Mill (South of buffalo)
Blossom Mill, house picture paint, architecture portrait
11x14 oil

Another favorite place to paint, fishermen & visitors are dwarfed by the huge mill in Blossom.

Lockport Old Mill
Lockport Old Mill, Old train station, house picture paint, architecture portrait, Kath Schifano
12x16 pastel

A former train station, rumors say a California couple will turn this into a restaurant & home.

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