Garden Closeups

Although some of these are no longer available, I continue to paint more flowers, large and small. 

Greenhouse Croton

16X12 pastel 

The Buffalo Botanical Gardens collection shines in sunlight.
This croton stood just apart from a group of three in the center of the greenhouse on a lovely sunfilled morning. sold

More Or Less Like Life

36X24 oil 

One side is light & fresh, while the other side has a bit if wilting, it is past its prime. This will be lovely over a buffet or cabinet.

Pink Amaryllis

9x12 pastel

February 2008 calendar. Painted on site at Buffalo Botanical Gardens during their annual Amaryllis show.
It's a perfect place to go all winter to paint with Sharon, Peg, and the others.

Pond Plant-Pump's Broken

16x12 pastel

The large North Dome at the Botanical Gardens is noisy with a tall waterfall.
The pump was being repaired & the surface was smooth, allowing me to see underwater & reflections in the still water.

Pteradactyl Apple

22X28 oil

Still fascinated by apples, the shadow on this one is truly prehistoric.
I did not see it until the painting was finished & Carl brought the outlined image to my attention. sold

Crocus & Snow

10X14 oil

My business card contains a similar image in pastel. Many people admired that tiny painting, I used the same reference for this oil painting.
The crocus are abundant along my sidewalk in late winter.

Not Ripe at Warm Lake

20X30 oil

After plein air painting the Warm Lake winery in Niagara County last August, I walked the vineyard.
The subject of this oil is unripe Pinot Noir grapes.
I started this painting at the taping of my 5th appearance on the TV series 'Music is Art Live'. sold

Pipe Lily

9X12 pastel

Buffalo Botanical Gardens has a new Florida Rain Forest.
This aquatic beauty was anchored in the stream under the path bridge.

Carnation Reflections

9X12 pastel

Leftover flowers in a glass cylinder anchored with black stones sat on my
work table until I finally had a rainy day to paint them. Luscious!

Amaryllis in the Dining Room

12x18 mixed media

This traditional winter flower was on the dining room table after Christmas dinner.
As the dishwasher cleaned the third load, I found the double flower shape irresistible, and painted late into the night with lamplight.

Empire of 7 Leaves

19x21 pastel

Joan Shaw's art studio is surrounded by farms & barns.
The elegant old apple trees in her orchard still fruit, this painting represented September on my calendar.

The Gate to the Garden at CW Post

8x10 oil

A plein air from the Post cereal family estate on Long Island, it shows the entrance to the formal gardens.


16x20 oil

Selected for the month of December on the desk calendar, this was painted from a branch of our front yard bush.

Iced Berries

24x12 oil

The devastation of the 'Arborgeddon', an October ice storm, was tempered by the beauty of iced everything.
This was painted outside my garage door, this branch is normally horizontal. The ground was a sheet of ice as well.

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All images of paintings & photographs copyright 2006-2010 Kath Schifano, all rights reserved.