plein air paintings, Kath Schifano

Plein Air Paintings
Plein air is French for "fresh air," so plein-air artists are those who paint outdoors rather than in studios. With plein air, we experience nature during the time it takes to complete our painting and nothing stays still that entire time. We paint quickly and some paintings will be lesser developed for the eye to enjoy and complete, others may be used in the studio to create larger paintings. These are representative of other artworks available in the studio.
Boats for Sail

Youngstown Yacht club painting, RCR yachts painting, sailboat painting, Kath Schifano
9.5X12.5 pastel 2011

I went to Youngstown to paint sailboats from the marina docks in blazing sunlight. Turning around, I was attracted to this shack and bright plastic cans inside the door.
The boat workers suggested I wait until they painted it, and offered to close the door for me! It has an alternate title, 'Used Yachts'. Sold

4 More Turtles

Margaret Louise State Park, park oil painting, plein air, Kath Schifano
16X20 oil 2011

Having painted a picture with four turtles on a log early in Spring, I was surprised while painting this to see four turtle splashes off this log at Margaret Louise Park in Amherst.
I had already painted them, thinking they were part of the log.


water oil painting, Kath Schifano, watermill falls, Williamsville painting
16X20 oil 2010

Painted between rain showers in Williamsville, this is the rapids below the Red Mill Falls.

Red House Playground Bridge

11X14 oil 2009

After an Allegeny State Park rainstorm, we painted in a picnic site, as the skies cleared the colors glowed & the grills started up for lunches.

January AM, Houston

11X14 oil 2009

Speckled light on the shed in the January sun contrasted with the snow we knew was at home. Serendipity! Sold

Pearl Of A Garden

18X12 pastel 2009

Plein air painted under the shade trees in an elegant old Buffalo neighborhood, this
garden gate opens to summer color. Sold

Depot Sunset

11X14 oil 2009

Racing against the setting sun,
this painting captures the warmth of light on Florida marsh wetlands.

Sparkling Pond

8X10 oil on panel 2009

A lovely afternoon in Fox Point park, this was the scene of a huge wildfire a week later.

Dam Leaves in Elma
Elma town park painting, fall oil painting, Kathy Schifano
12X18 oil on panel 2009

Pure plein air, this painting captures cold & crisp Fall light in the Elma town park.

Revisiting the Old Canoe Launch
Buckhorn State Park, canoe launch painting, Kathy Schifano
10X20 oil on canvasboard 2008

My first Fall plein air, three years ago, was a pastel in this same spot.
The fallen tree here was a centerpiece of that picture which sold shortly after.
It was also the October pinup on my 2007 calendar. Sold

First Color at Burchfield
Burchfield Nature Center, painting in the parks, Buffalo oil painting, Kathy Schifano
14X10 oil on canvasboard

I joined my painting friends at Burchfield Nature Center in the hopes of finding a bit of Fall color.
This flaming beauty was on the gorge wall directly across from the former home of Charles Burchfield, a nationally known artist of the 20th C. sold

Letchworth - Mist Below the Cabins

16X20 oil

Early rains created a light mist that burned off with the sunlight. May 2009 calendar. Featured on 464 Gallery site.

Three Sisters Bridge In Sunlight
Three Sisters Bridge, oil paint bridge, Niagara Falls State Park, Kathy Schifano
12X24 oil

The tree on the right overhung the bridge & cast a dappled shadow.
As I was sketching for this plein air painting, I considered leaving it out of the picture, when CRACK,
the sound of a belt slapping pavement startled everyone within earshot. The bottom half of the tree ripped off & landed in the water.
There went my shadow...and the foreground water was now covered with tree. True story!

Niagara Sentinels
Beaver Island State Park, oil painting, Kathy Schifano
11x14 pastel

The upper River from Beaver Island State Park. This was a cold, early Spring morning.

Crown Imperial
crown imperial, Kathy Schifano
8x6 oil on board
This captures a lovely 3 foot tall flower stalk that smells like onions.

Big Dominican Village Pine
Domincan Village, oil paint Amityville, St. Dominick's
12x9 pastel
This massive tree resisted the intense wind that blew my pastels away.
I have always admired the mature flat top on old Long Island Pines.

Forest Lawn Bridge
Forest Lawn Bridge, oil painting Buffalo, Kathy Schifano
6x8 oil
This serene painting captures the sparkle of reflections in the middle of Buffalo.

Contraposto Elm
Beaver Island State Park, oil painting tree, Kath Schifano
14x10 oil
An elegant twist is in this tree near the Beaver Island maintenance offices.

The Pink Post Flowers

10x8 pastel

These Sedum flowers grew in my garden for years before I learned their name-Autumn Joy.

White Birch in Winter
Kathy Schifano, pein air painting, white birch, Kath Schifano
8x6 oil
White tree and white snow are painted with long shadows.
This is the December 2007 calendar picture.

Buffalo Lighthouse
Buffalo Lighthouse, oil painting marina, Kath Schifano
14x11 oil
This shows the curve of Lake Erie and the approaching clouds.

Joan's Studio
Kath Schifano, plein air farm, art studio painting
16x20 oil
Light rain turned into a lovely day; I painted this from inside her garage.

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