Rose Series
For a year I concentrated on investigating and exploring roses. Some buds peel open, others unroll, there are curves and point patterns on the petals. A series of large pastels became an exploration of color and line to create moods. I continue to work with roses and have painted them with oils as well.

Shadows of Two Lights-Remember the Bells
tall oil painting, Kathy Schifano, rose painting, red rose paint

8X10 oil on panel 

Painted in mourning for twin brothers, Larry Bell was my best buddy for years,
his brother Jerry passed away this winter. Many artworks are profound expressions of emotion,
this one celebrates the lives of two men who made a difference to so many.

Complementary Rose
Kathy Schifano, rose painting, yellow rose
24X24 oil

Primarily painted with juicy yellows & violet [complementary colors], this is my first rose in oil paint.
The rose I painted from was red, a gift from Charles.

Rotated Rose
Kathy Schifano, rose painting, warm rose, beads of dew
20x26 pastel
The only rose with water droplets, this has a burgundy undertone that creates a dramatic feeling.
This was a June picture on the calendar.

Jazz Won't do it
Kathy Schifano, rose painting
19x26 pastel
I switched my music from Jazz to Blues while trying to work out the problems in this composition. As soon as the music started, it came together quickly and I really enjoyed scrubbing in these colors. sold

Investigating Pink
Kathy Schifano, rose painting
22x30 pastel
Various pinks make a strong statement that is not traditional. A large pastel, it makes a strong statement on the wall.

The Moon is a Balloon
Kathy Schifano, rose painting, Kath Schifano
22x30 pastel
An early rose composition, this was my inspiration for extreme close up paintings.

Whats Pink is Blue
Kathy Schifano, rose painting, Kath Schifano, blue pastel
19x27 pastel
This was selected for the Albright-Knox Members Collection.

Orange and Yellow
Kathy Schifano, rose painting, Kath Schifano, orange pastel rose
16x24 pastel
During my rose series, I explored various color combinations such as blue and yellow.
This one was the most realistic - some botanist should give this rose a proper title.

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